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Office Copiers That Meet All Your Commercial Needs

Copiers are a necessity for any business. They allow you to make copies of documents and other materials. Copiers can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and models; the only thing they all have in common is that they produce duplicates of your originals. If you’re looking for copiers that meet all your commercial needs, then this blog post is perfect for you! We will discuss the difference between office and industrial copiers as well as how to find a commercial printer that meets your requirements.

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-Office copiers are designed for the needs of an office environment. This means they’re typically smaller, lighter weight and quieter than industrial models. They also have a lower paper capacity since most small offices don’t need to make as many copies at one time.

Canon ImageRunner Advance C5560i III Copier Review

-Industrial copiers are geared towards larger tasks like printing out entire catalogs or manuals with high paper capacity to accommodate long print jobs. They often have a higher price tag and larger size than office copiers, but they’re perfect for tasks that require more space!

-If you’re trying to find the best commercial printer, consider what your needs are first: do you need it for an industrial setting? Do you need it for an office environment? Once you have your answer, look at the brands to find one that best meets those needs.


There are many security features in commercial copiers that allow you to keep your work confidential. They often have a secure print button that locks the document so that nobody else can use it during this time frame, locking paper trays for added security, and even an LCD screen with password protection!

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The most important part of any copier is its reliability. When looking at commercial printers, always look for the print count of how many copies it can make before going offline. This is important for those long, large printing jobs that require a lot of time and paper.

Commercial copiers can print as many as 200,000 copies before it goes offline. This is significantly higher than an office copier which can only print as many as 20-30,000 copies!

The cost of toner for office copiers is also far less expensive than toner for industrial copiers.

The cost to replace the drum in a copier also differs depending on what type it is. An office copier will cost as much as $200 to replace the drum while an industrial copier can run up to $500!

-The difference between office and industrial copiers:

-Office Copiers are designed for the needs of an office environment, smaller size, lighter weight than other models.

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