Why You Need a Copier: 9 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Photo Copier
photo copier

Your office photo copier has become one of your employees’ best friends at the office. In fact, they pay him visits several times a day to see what gifts he has for them.

But to be honest, there are a few other sides to this “friend” of theirs that you may not know about. (Don’t worry — they’re all good sides.)

The office photo copier is typically used only for one thing, but it has a lot of utility that you and your staff are likely missing out on.

Here’s a rundown on nine amazing things you can do with a photo copier in 2018.

Let’s get started!

1. Track Your Printing Costs with a Modern Photo Copier

If you’d like to save your office money, start with your photo copier.

Here’s why.

With a high-quality copier, you can track individual, departmental and even company printing patterns. This can help you to establish how much you’re spending on printing.

After all, if you’re not measuring this, you’re certainly not capable of managing it.

Top-notch copier companies today offer application platform programming that can help you to make sure that your copier isn’t draining more money from your coffers than it should be.

2. Find Documents Right Away

Another major benefit of using a photo copier in 2018? You can finally say goodbye to those old-fashioned file cabinets.

Filing cabinets take up space and can be hard and time-consuming to navigate. This is especially true if you’re not sure how someone else filed a certain document in a cabinet.

For instance, some people may file folders alphabetically by clients’ last names, whereas others file based on the kinds of products or services associated with various clients.

However, with a modern copier — also known as a multi-function product — you can easily scan client records, claim forms and even invoices and then tag them so that you can retrieve them later with ease.

3. Create Documents That Are Secure

It’s not wise to send confidential and sensitive data via an email attachment, as email generally isn’t secure.

However, you can easily use a copier to scan and create secure Portable Document Format, or PDF, documents that require passwords to open.

4. Save on Printing Costs

Did you know that you can save money by instituting printing rules and enforcing them with your copier?

For instance, you can establish which devices you’d like workers to use for printing documents.

You can also determine if you’d like your employees to print in black and white versus using color. If you want to save money by using black and white, you can simply default every print job to it — even if the job is routed to a color printer.

5. Scan Your Documents to Convenient Locations

With today’s multifaceted photo copiers, you can scan documents and store them in a variety of locations based on your needs.

For instance, you could scan a document to email by making office email inboxes your chosen destinations for all scanned documents. This means you can easily share a document via email by scanning it rather than copying it 20 times.

You may also choose to scan a document to a variety of cloud services, such as Evernote, Dropbox, and SharePoint.

Scanning documents to your repository for managing documents is another convenient way to keep track of important records.

Also, have you had to retype a document because it existed only in paper format but required a correction? With today’s copiers, you can create electronic documents that are editable simply by scanning paper documents into Microsoft Excel or Word.

And one more thing: If you’re used to faxes accumulating in your copier’s paper output tray, you can start directing faxes to office email boxes by using your copier’s fax functionality. This will prevent other people from viewing confidential faxed information while trying to find the documents they printed.

6. Save on Electricity Costs

Earlier, we mentioned how photo copiers can help you to save on printing costs.

The right copiers — those in compliance with Energy Star standards — can also help you to save on electricity costs.

Your copier’s features related to energy management, like sleep mode, can quickly help you to realize cost savings over time.

7. Take Advantage of Perfect Color Matching

Have you been involved in a project that involved matching a logo’s color with an item’s color perfectly?

If so, you’ll love today’s high-tech copiers, which can effortlessly fine-tune your color output to provide perfect color matching every time for all colors.

8. Boost Your Staff’s Productivity

Advanced copiers today can also help you to boost employee motivation and productivity.

For instance, you can intelligently route documents by ensuring that employees print on those machines that are closest to their individual work areas. In addition, you can even automatically redirect a document to another machine if the one that a worker chose happens to be busy.

9. Enjoy Stellar Support and Maintenance

Yet another amazing benefit of choosing a top-notch copier today is the excellent support you’ll receive from the company that made it.

For instance, with a high-level print management solution, your copier company can receive a notification when your toner requires replacing, and then restock the toner for you.

Also, if your copier is acting up, the company can receive the related error code and then show up to remedy the problem right away — and with the right tools the first time around.

Finally, the company can monitor your errors, pinpoint minor problems and dispatch technicians before they end up becoming major problems.

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