Best Tips to Keep Your Office Copier Running Like New

The last thing you want is to walk into your office and find out that your copier is not working. A malfunctioning copy machine means business is not as usual. And if you rely on it heavily, you will not have a productive morning.


What’s more, is that it may take a few hours for a technician to fix your copier. It will also cost your business money that you did not intend to spend. At least not on footing the copier repair bill.

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We are not saying that your copier should not break down. But if this happens frequently, you are not practicing great copier maintenance.

If you want to keep your office copier running smoothly, we are going to show you to take care of it. Let’s get started.

1. Give Your Office Copier a Break

At the end of business hours or during the weekend, turn off your office copier. You will not only save money on your energy bill, but you will also give your overworked copy machine a break.

While this may seem like an easy maintenance tip, it will contribute to the longevity of your copier machine.

2. Give Your Office Copier a Head Start

When you get into the office, turn on the copier even you do not intend to start using it immediately. Your copy machine needs to warm up before handling the bulk of the day.

Think of it as giving a head start to go through some calibration exercises. If it seems slow, do not push it by pressing the ‘copy’ button multiple times. Give it time to undergo the calibration process.

3. Keep the Glass Clean

If you hardly clean the glass of your copy machine, you will keep calling the technician to fix it. For optimum performance, keep the copy machine clean.

A lot of elements could hamper its performance. These include dust and white-out fluid which smudges the glass.

As you clean the copy machine, check if there is any dirt, waste paper, or any form of debris on the document feeder. These may ruin the quality of your copy.

Use a standard cleanser on the copier glass. Do not spray directly. If the fluid trickles down to other components of the machine, you will have bigger problems.

4. Use the Right Toner and Quality Paper

When you buy an office copier, the manual comes with a list of compatible toners. Use the right toner to avoid damaging the machine. The problem with damages resulting from using the wrong toner is that they void your warranty.

Also, Toner Pirate is real. Always source your copier’s toner from genuine and renowned suppliers. Getting it from an unknown supplier at a low price could compromise your machine’s functionality.

Buy quality copier paper. Low-quality papers leave a lot of dust on your copier. Over time, the dust accumulates and affects the quality of your copy. Poor copies are hard to work with.

5. Check the Waste Toner Reservoir Frequently

Ignoring the waste toner reservoir could be disastrous. Each time you see an error code pointing out a problem in the reservoir, empty it.

If you don’t remove the powder, it will clog the machine and also ruin your copies. As you empty the reservoir, exercise caution.

Ensure that you don’t get the powder too close to your nose. You might breathe it in.

6. Load the Paper Carefully

You may experience annoying paper jams when loading paper into your copier. Frequent jams are detrimental to your machine. They may damage a few components and lead to a breakdown.

Take your time to load the paper carefully, and you will not experience frequent paper jams. Always ensure the papers are well-aligned. In return, your copier will serve you well and for a long time.


7. Train Your Staff

The performance of your office copier hinges on how well the users take care of it. While some staff will take good care of the machine, others may not have a clue on how to do it.

Organizing meetings to train staff on how to use the copy machine will make a tremendous difference. The copier will keep performing well.

8. Regular Maintenance

Just like your car needs service, copier service is important. A technician should inspect your copier frequently. The objective is to intercept and correct any underlying problems.

During the maintenance process, the technician may uncover serious underlying copier issues. Regular maintenance will reduce your copier’s downtime significantly.

9. Call a Qualified and Experienced Technician

Copier machines are sensitive. And when they malfunction, you want to call the right person. Always call qualified and experienced technicians.

If the company that sold you the printer provides maintenance and repair services, it’s best to call them. You do not want just anyone fixing your copy machine. They could leave worse than they found it.

10. Choose the Right Copier

A copier is an essential piece of office equipment and a great investment for running your business. When you overwork your copier, it develops multiple problems. And you incur more repair costs.

It is imperative to invest in a copier that can handle your workload effortlessly. If you print a lot of marketing materials such as brochures, you need a powerful copy machine. Anything else will keep breaking down.

11. Avoid Lines

Lines on your copy are an indicator of copier issues.  It could be a sign of a dirty roller. Address this problem before it gets out of hand.

Even if the maintenance people looked at the machine recently, call them back. A professional will help resolve the problem and keep the machine working.

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