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Buying an Office Copier? Here are Some Important Tips

There are many different copier sizes and features to choose from, depending on the size of your business. Some businesses need a lot more copying than others do for their workflow; however, there’s no standard solution because each company has different needs.

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Let’s begin by addressing some features you should be considering in your office copier.

  • A multifunctional copier is a great option for any business. It incorporates multiple abilities in one machine, making it an easy choice to incorporate into your office’s equipment needs. It’s capable of copying and printing as well as scanning documents for emailing or faxing without any additional equipment needed by the customer.
  • High volume copy/print needs. Copying is a business necessity for any company. Copiers work by taking the paper from one or more drawers, and businesses with high-volume needs will want to make sure they have ample capacity in those papers. Different types of copy can be accommodated depending on what type you need at the time: letter size if letters are being written; legal-sized sticky notes would be perfect when dealing with contracts lawyers use them too. However, it should not just stop there – since different people may require copies made from various sizes such as A4 (a common European standard)and US Letter which comes envelopes included-, so having multiple options available ensures everyone gets enough supplies without having extra sitting around unused waiting until someone requests another kind.
  • Automatic document feeders can process up to 50 original pages at a time, saving you the hassle and physical strain of having front-line staff handle individual print jobs. These copiers are programmed before printing starts so there is no need for rekeying or manual changes when switching over from black & white mode on your fax machine – just choose “color” in order to copy docs digitally.
  • Image enlarging tools. The ability of a copier to reduce or enlarge the size of a document is an excellent feature. For example, legal-size papers can be copied onto letter-sized paper automatically with many models available on the market today.
  • Copying documents has never been easier with the help of copier features such as automatic sorting, which automatically groups and orders multiple copies in a single batch. These machines usually have other staples or binders for making longer books easy to read because it’s not necessary for someone who needs just one copy from each section like if you were reading through an entire book but could also have different sizes available depending on how big your original was so there would no need go back later when all pages are being printed individually due time constraints.
  • Your business may need to print on different size paper than what is standard for letter-size sheets. The machine will allow you to print up to three inches wide or long, legal (8 1/2 x 14), oversized, and many between settings of minimum & maximum sizes. An enhanced level printer can produce specialty forms like statement bills where the max-width allowed has been increased from 6″ by 8″ while maintaining text quality similar as seen in smaller formats; this means greater flexibility when completing important documentation-related transactions that require high readability scores.
  • With the ability to perform two-sided copying, you are bound to cut costs in your office.

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Two Types of Copiers | Which is Right For You?

Depending on whether or not you’re buying a new or used copier, you face a decision for an analog copier or a digital office copier. Analog office copiers are absolutely outdated and likely will not meet the needs of a busy office with even normal copier needs.

Best Copiers For Quality Printing

Analog Copiers

The analog office copier prints the original image onto a drum inside, where toner can be applied using static electricity and heated elements to dry it before setting into place on paper- creating copies with high-quality images.

The output tone should show that although this old technology still has its uses in modern society today—like copying large documents or generating personalized posters–it’s also being replaced by newer models which utilize digital technologies like LCD screens instead for example.

Analog copiers are quickly being replaced by more modern digital systems, as these older ones lack many of the features expected by businesses today. However, depending on your needs you can certainly get analog copiers for a considerably smaller price tag.

Digital Copiers

Digital document sharing is a great way to save time and money. With the more modern approach, you can use your digital copier as an extension of yourself by copying information from one device onto another within their network or even sending it off for printing elsewhere.

Copier Buying Guide

A laser steams information from the original document into memory, and when it’s ready – toner ink is applied for printing on paper or other surfaces such as photos with special mats in frames that can be copied onto them too! Since this machine connects wirelessly across networks within an office space though, image sharing has become increasingly popular among businesses looking at ways of improving communication between team members who may not always work together due solidarity reasons.

Copiers and printers are often used in tandem to help businesses communicate efficiently. They can be found at both small-business offices as well as large corporations, with the most popular models being those that have been designed for use on a desktop or countertop unit rather than one built specifically with mobile workstations in mind – they’re not always accurate enough when printing from afar.

With the variety of options available for small business machines, it’s easy to find a copier that will meet your needs. Copiers can be purchased or leased and come with maintenance plans from both new machine companies as well as used sellers/traders in order to keep them running efficiently while you’re busy at work.

Commercial-grade office copiers are built for use in copy/print establishments and busy offices. They usually have sophisticated touchscreens that allow the operator to register activity such as transactions or access codes with different departments by touching them on screen; they can also accept card readers if needed – this is useful when there isn’t time enough leftover from printing one document before starting another job.

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How Much Will an Office Copier Cost?

There are so many variables and features in modern office copiers, but the below will help you calculate what you might expect to pay and understand the variables impacting cost.


  • Very Low Volume Home Business: $130 – $600
  • Small Businesses: $850 – $5,700
  • High Volume Commercial: $6,900 – $35,000

B&W Print Speed: Page per minute

  • Home Based Business: Slow – Medium Speed
  • Small Business: Medium – Fast
  • Commercial: Very Fast

Color Print Speed: Page per minute

  • Home Business: Very Slow
  • Small Business: Slow to Medium
  • Commercial: Fast


  • Home Business: Rarely an Option
  • Small Business: Generally an Option
  • Commercial: Most often, yes

Toner Prices Per Page Printed

  • Home Business: Very High
  • Small Business: Moderate-High
  • Commercial: Low

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Should I Purchase or Lease an Office Copier?

When it comes to office copiers, there are two major options available. A business can buy outright or lease the equipment from a provider with an option for refurbished units at discount prices if you’re looking into buying instead of leasing especially because this will depend largely on your financial situation as well future plans about what kind of printer needs arise in upcoming years.

Copier Features to Look For

A smart idea would be choosing between purchasing new machinery which may have been used once before being returned back home by its previous owners so now has some wear n’ tear but still functions perfectly fine without any serious issues.

When it comes to office copiers, there are many factors that one must consider. The cost will depend on both the size and function of your business’s needs but for most companies this can range anywhere between $200-$650 per month with maintenance contracts included in rental prices too.

You could also view it the way we do when making decisions to buy or lease a vehicle. How long are you going to keep the office copier? How much maintenance do you expect? How much usage do you expect per month?

Where to Buy the Copier

You have a lot of options when deciding where you should buy your office copier from. Before making your final purchase we would absolutely recommend that you analyze what dealers are charging for various solutions.

  • When you are looking at copiers, one factor to consider is how many pages per minute they can produce. A multifunctional with an automatic feeder and sorting function would be ideal for very high volumes of copying that need done within a set timeframe or week; however, if your workload will only require minimal amounts this may not matter as much in terms of choosing which type of device best suits what needs!
  • Copier finishing options. Copying a document is only the first step in finishing it! You can add cover sheets that will automatically be placed on printed pages, as well as have different bins for various employees within your office who want their own set of papers out from time to time.
  • A business should focus on meeting the technical requirements of its industry. With features like network security, which allows only specific users to be able to copy certain numbers per day or print in color; copiers can also send signals via the network when paper jams up and needs servicing quickly after an issue arises because this would save them time from having service done at another location without compromising quality workmanship.
  • Businesses are always looking for ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. One way is by purchasing an energy-saving copier, which can contribute to this goal of being environmentally friendly! Some models have automatic sleep modes that turn off when you’re not using it so they don’t waste any resources or electricity while others even offer toner saving mode where prints never need ink because there’s no black pigment needed due to its all color printing technology – this means less wasted paper output as well since most people throw away anything white after making pages from old books etc., Dual-sided copying also helps with cutting down on how much gets thrown away every day.
  • Employees with disabilities will have access to various features on a copier from accessibility handles and enlarged displays for the sight-impaired, Braille label kits that make it easier to see what’s being printed or transferred by touching one of these labels against an object which allows you to read aloud anything written thereinafter with voice recognition software so users don’t need any assistance when operating this equipment.

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