Delete Your Copier’s Hard Drive Data After The End Of Your Device’s Service Period

Delete Your Copier’s Hard Drive Data After The End Of Your Device’s Service PeriodBefore your copier moves out of your office, make sure that you erase the data stored on the hard drives of your copiers. With cyber criminals adopting innovative ways to identify and use your data-security vulnerabilities and with organizations being repeatedly victimized by data breach incidents, you may want to make sure that you adopt appropriate precautionary measures to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your company’s confidential information. CBS has revealed that four used copiers that were purchased from a New Jersey-based warehouse had confidential police data stored on their hard drives.

Copiers that were introduced in the market since 2002 came equipped with one or two hard drives that facilitated data storage. While the objective behind the launch of such models was to promote faster printing practices, it actually created a ground for data security incidents. When you scan images, modify them as per your personal taste and requirement, and take print-outs, the data passes to your copier’s hard drive and gets stored there. This explains why you should pay special attention in removing your office copier data before you sell it or hand it over to its manufacturer.

Today, many small offices use office copiers that store copies of documents that have been scanned or printed. While most modern copier devices allow for encryption or the storage of data in proprietary language, however, hackers may still be able to access the hard drive data by cracking the encryption code. Additionally, the data that remains stored on a copier’s hard drive after its disposal can be easily retrieved through the deployment of data recovery tools or photo recovery programs.

If you use your copier to scan, copy, or print highly-confidential information, you may want to place your copier equipment in a high-traffic area that occupies the central position of your office space. This will allow you to keep track of employees who will use your copier. Employees who are authorized to access your copier’s hard drive will also have access to this confidential information and so you may want to screen these employees to make sure that the wrong individuals are prevented from accessing your crucial data.

Once you decide to replace your old copier with a new one, you may want to hire a certified technician who can use appropriate data deletion tools to erase the data stored on the hard drives of your old copier. Copier hard drives can be a source of data security incidents and if you adopt appropriate measures, you can eliminate security risks and safeguard the reputation of your business.

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