6 Things To Consider When Buying a Commercial Copy Machine

commercial copy machine

One of the most important parts of your office is the commercial copy machine. Copy machines get used for everything. Even in our digital world, there is never a lack of hard copies that need to be made, printed, and copied on actual paper.

Your office building needs a commercial copier machine in order to keep running. This means tracking down the best commercial copy machine, which means that you need to put time into your research. It’s time to find the best value for your office.

You may want to ask certain questions before making your final decision. Let’s look at some questions to help you compare your options. Below you’ll find a list of suggestions to look into.


1. Does the Print Quality Compare?

Not every copy machine is going to hold the same type of printing quality. if you look at your general printer, even those have different levels of accuracy and print. It is important to determine what you are hoping for when it comes to your copies.

Think about what type of paperwork your office prints on a daily basis. You want to look for a machine that is going to provide you with the clarity you need to keep those copies in the best condition. Determine what you’re looking for as far as the quality of your machine goes.

Think about the font types that you print with. Are regular xerox copies suitable for your needs? Do you need something of higher quality to adequately suit your business?

2. Is the Machine in Your Budget?

Copy machines are not the cheapest decisions to make. This is because they are such vital parts of your office that you need to be able to spend enough on them that they’ll continue to work for a while. Your copy machine is one that will be used almost every day.

When you’re looking for the right copy machine, you will want to make sure you carefully budget for the added cost it will be in your office. Your copy machine has other costs that may go along with it. This includes for things such as the paper needed to keep it running and the ink.

Look over your budget and make sure that you can fit the copier and everything else that comes along with it in your pricing. Your commercial copy machine lease is one that you must make sure you can afford.

3. What Will Be Needed for Supplies?

Commercial copier machine options require you to think over things such as what types of paper you will need and the ink that the machine takes. Identify the supplies that will be needed for your copier to function in your office. This is the reason you may want to look into the specifications before you decide which machine is best for you

Be sure that you have the correct paper that is going to fit inside your new machine. You may want to look at the types of paper that will fit into the copier. Each copier has a different capability as far as the paper it takes.

4. Do Your Employees Need Training?

Your employees might struggle with knowing how to work the new copy machine. Considering that they will be the ones to deal with the machine, you may want to do a training to show your employees how to work the new office machine. Commercial copy machines all work very differently.

Work with your employees to make the transition to the new machine as simple as possible. Figure out if you and your clients have the time in your day to learn the new machine. Show your workers how the copier works and be sure that there will be no difficulty when it comes to working the copier.

5. What Comes With the Copier

Is there anything that is included with the deal on the copier that you intend to make? Look through all of the details on your copier options. Try to find the one that has the best options for you and your office.

The best commercial copy machine for you is the one that fits in your budget, is easy to use, and may even come with a few perks that help you to get used to the new office piece.

6. What Is the Warranty?

Always look at the warranty options that come with the copy machine you’re looking into putting in your office. A warranty will be key in the event that there is something wrong with your machine. This will save you from the need of having to call different repair options that are not familiar with the copier.

Be sure that there are warranty options that provide for your needs. Identify what you need out of a warranty and find out if what is offered will be right for your business. This will also keep you and your business safe in the event that the machine ends up not working quickly after purchase.

Find the Commercial Copy Machine Best for Your Office

When it comes to your busy office, having the commercial copy machine that is going to be able to hold up its end of the printing and copying bargain is a big deal. Ask yourself these questions before you make your final decision. Find the best commercial copy machines for your business.

When you’re ready to discuss your options and make your final decision, we’ll be right here to assist you with the process. Drop us a note and let us know what we can do to make your decision a smooth one.