office copy machine

If your business doesn’t have an office copy machine, it’s time to invest.

These small beasts are well worth the money, and they do much more than make copies of documents. We guarantee some of the benefits we list below will surprise you.

Ready to learn more? Read on to discover 10 amazing benefits of having a copy machine.

1. Increases Production

Did you know the first copy machines printed at a whopping seven to eight pages per minute? Even at these sloth-like standards, the first user-friendly Xerox 914 was a hit. It increased book copies from 20 million a year to 14 billion.

And that was with a 650-pound machine that spontaneously combusted. Imagine what a copier machine at 50 pages per minute (the recommended minimum speed for any office) could accomplish today.

2. Reduces Expenses

No more requesting duplicates from a copy service shop. Instead, you can save money by purchasing or leasing your own office machine.

Furthermore, newer copiers come with the advantage of energy savings. Where commercial printers once drew 300 to 500 watts of energy when printing, new models reduce this usage considerably.

In fact, if your machine is over five years old, the EPA estimates its energy output is 50% higher than new machines.

Entrepreneurs can also experience further energy savings and reduced paper expenses with multi-function copiers.

3. Offers Efficiency

Sure, a 50 page-per-minute machine is ideal for a small office. But how about a copier that produces 130 pages per minute?

As you can imagine, this ups efficiency incredibly. Your copies can be prepared within minutes, and many printers even come with stapling and hole-punch options.

Say goodbye to long nights of sorting papers and stapling them yourself.

4. Gives Convenience

Perhaps the best thing about an office copier is that it’s right there when you or your employees need it. It’s available regardless of the time and can be designed to default to specific requirements for reduced costs.

Employers can even limit who uses it.

So in addition to saving you time and money, it also makes your life much easier. You won’t have to stop at the store to pick up copies or get to work an hour early to prepare for a meeting.

Instead, you can send your request to the copier and prepare your papers in minutes. Multi-function copiers even let you fax, scan, print and upload documents with a single device.

5. Ability to Create Brochures, Cards and Other Goodies

Do you plan on posting notices to customers or employees? How about using brochures or business cards?

With the right copier, you can do it all from the comfort of your office. From thank-you cards to informative booklets, a copier offers the ability to create professional documents without the hassle of purchasing from third parties.

6. Provides Room for Holiday Creativity

Around the holidays, businesses across the globe lighten the working spirit by decorating the office. Create hanging decorations with varying colors or print off your business’s personal wrapping paper.

You’ll be surprised at the cost-effective and fun solutions this trick creates.

7. Increases Security

If you handle confidential information, it’s risky to trust another organization or certain individuals to handle it. It’s another reason an office copier comes in handy.

Business owners can delegate individuals to copy sensitive information and can keep those documents in the company’s office. This reduces the chances of leaks. For organizations in the medical field, such a simple accessory lets companies adhere to HIPPA protocols.

Additionally, most production companies and vendors offer security features, such as encryption and overwriting to aid in company security.

Today, copy machines can demand employee identification, wipe past documents and more. With proper maintenance and an IT staff member, even digital copiers minimize the risk of leaks and violations.

8. Presents Flexibility

Newer copiers offer a wide range of possibilities. Multi-function copiers scan images, email documents, print wirelessly, fax information and more. Consequently, workers and supervisors have the equipment to efficiently and successfully undertake a variety of tasks.

This flexibility also encourages business growth. It allows owners to spend less money on outside expenditures that can be completed on the copier, encourages creative endeavors in a variety of formats, enhances team communication and boosts productivity.

9. Gives Teams Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives

Numerous office copy machines today provide means for employers and employees to practice green behavior.

Almost all machines offer energy management options, such as sleep mode or printing on both sides of a paper. Many even have convenient eco-friendly defaults that owners activate with the press of a button. Even when they don’t, it’s quick and easy to program your copier to behave as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Some eco-friendly options include:

  • Fast mode, which reduces toner consumption
  • Monochrome printing
  • Text-only printing
  • Scan to cloud options

The latter is especially useful in encouraging paper-free document sharing within offices.

Finally, owners of copiers have the freedom to choose their paper and ink or toner. Many toners and cartridges are refillable for further sustainability, and recycled paper is easily accessible in stores.

10. Owners Can Lease or Own

Lastly, an office copy machine provides company owners with two options: to lease or purchase it.

Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages, which provide some flexibility to entrepreneurs.

Leasing a machine:

  • Avoids issues of obsolescence for companies that require printing
  • Has low upfront costs
  • Eliminates resale or disposal hassles

However, leasing also includes interest (which usually results in higher long-term costs) and requires companies to sign contracts.

Purchasing a copy machine:

  • Is less expensive
  • Allows businesses to regain some costs when it is sold
  • Lets businesses avoid lengthy maintenance fixes and contracts

On the downside, owning a copier is initially costly, requires further expenses for broken parts and comes with obsolescence.

Regardless of the benefits and considerations, this choice lets owners decide the route that’s best for their company.

What’s In Your Office Copy Machine?

Whether it’s decorations for the upcoming office party or documents that require confidentiality, the right office copy machine will save you money, time and energy.

But there are a lot of models to choose from, so how do you pick the right one? We’ve got all the information you need.

Read our article about 2018’s best office copiers to choose the right model for you. The path to greater production and efficiency might be easier to find than you think.