Which Copiers Print The Fastest For Business?

business copiersWhich business copiers print the fastest? Here’s a comprehensive review of some of the fastest printing office copiers of 2019 so that you can compare your options.

Office workers and administrative employees make up the biggest demographic of US workers. In fact, 16% of full-time American employees work in an office! Since these people spend a huge chunk of their time at work, it’s crucial that they have the best equipment possible to keep their jobs running efficiently.

If you’re in charge of buying supplies for any business, you probably are trying to find a great copier to put into the workplace. After all, a copy machine is one of the biggest essentials for an office. Without it, there would be no way to print items like templates or forms for employees to sign.

Here’s a sample of print speeds for top office copiers:

130 ppm – Ricoh DD 3334

80 PPM – Konica Minolta 654e

75 PPM Xerox Docucolor 260

65 PPM Lexmark MX910

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When you’re looking for a copier that suits your business’s needs, there’s so much to consider. This can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! Read on to learn about the fastest-working and most efficient business copiers on the market today.

wide format copierWide Format Copiers

Wide Format copy machines are the most common type of business copier. You’ve definitely seen them before, whether it’s in your own workplace, in the elusive teacher’s lounge of your former high school, or just in NBC’s The Office. Basically, you just put the paper you want to copy under the lid, push a few buttons, and watch it light up while it does its magic.

It does this basically by taking a picture of the page you put down with internal mirrors. These are great for the workplace because they can churn out a lot of copies really quickly. Even though other types of copies can be speedy, they’re nothing compared to the wide format copier’s ability to spit out dozens of copies in a minute.

When you use a wide format copier, you’ll need to allow a little bit more space for it than you would for other formats. After all, it needs to be big to support its efficiency!

Still, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since there are usually drawers with storage space underneath the place where the paper is copied. You can keep paper (or other office supplies) here, or you could just have the printer that it hooks up to handy!

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Digital CopierDigital Copiers

Digital copiers have average print speeds between 30 – 70 pages per minute. Like wide format copiers, digital copiers are also pretty awesome. But instead of using mirrors to recreate an image, they use their internal memory and lasers to reduplicate the copied material.

It’s true that wide format copy machines are unmatched in their ability to shoot out a mess of copies very quickly. But when thinking about copier speed, it’s important to think about the time it takes employees to get to the copier, too. When all’s said and done, digital copiers are faster and more efficient overall.

This is because people can make copies of materials right from their desktop computer. They’re smaller and can be put at given computers in the office so more people can make copies at once. This will greatly reduce the time people spend waiting in line at another kind of copy machine.

Another benefit of digital copiers is that they can copy materials besides just sheets of paper that you have a hard copy of. They can use email and fax to transfer their memory to other devices more efficiently.

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Color CopierColor Copier

Commercial color copiers print between 15 – 38 ppm. There are color copiers of all types, both traditional and digital. Even if buying a copy machine that does colors costs a little more, it might be a worthwhile investment.

When you can copy in color, there are a lot of things that you can do for the convenience of yourself and others in the workplace. Color-coded agendas make it easier to hold efficient business meetings, and creating color flyers is a great way to catch people’s attention and advertise your services.

Because there’s so much more you can do with a color copier, buying one for your workplace is a really effective way to make your employee’s daily life a lot easier. Plus, the world just looks a little brighter in color.

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All In One CopierAll In One Copier

The All-In-One copier is great because it gives you the best of all worlds. Not only can you make fast hard-copies, as you can with an analog copier, but it also is capable of storing data inside its memory like a digital copier is. This means that All-In-One copiers are more speedy and efficient because they have many parts that work together!

These copiers can do both black and white as well as color copies. They’re large, but since they do everything, they’re well worth the space they take up.

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Japanese Copiers

We know: you’re probably chuckling to yourself at that headline. And with good reason- we all know that Japan is the world’s leader in great technology. Copiers are no exception.

The world’s fastest copier can create 150 copies per minute. It can create color copies and uses digital data to run as fast as possible. Though most businesses can’t afford it as it’s 46 thousand dollars, the fact that this is the fastest copy machine speaks for the efficiency of those like it.

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As a business person, it’s important to do what you can to make life smooth for your coworkers and employees. A fast and efficient copier will do just that. That’s why it’s important to do your research and find a speedy copy machine that makes high-quality prints.

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