Invest In A Commercial Copier To Increase Your Office’s Productivity

Invest In A Commercial Copier To Increase Your Office’s Productivity

When you start a company, one of your key investments will be in office equipment. Among these, a commercial copier will likely be the most expensive. Given that it will become such an integral part of your office environment, it is wise to investigate the benefits and multiple uses of commercial copiers or multi-function printers.

Some of the factors you should consider while choosing a copier are:

Usage: You should determine what kind of copier you need to buy depending on the size of your office and how much printing, faxing and copying you do on a daily basis. Many copiers come with faxing and copying facilities and it might be best to buy an all-in-one machine to save money and office space.

Digital or analogue copier: Most companies today prefer digital copiers to analogue copiers. Analogue copiers are becoming rarer day by day and fixing repairs and securing replacement parts can prove to be a challenge. A digital copier is superior is many ways, although more expensive. Digital copiers are faster, can connect to wireless networks and are able to print in much higher resolution, particularly if you have to reproduce intricate diagrams or graphics.

Storage: If the nature of your work is such that you frequently print the same material, it is useful to buy a commercial copier with hard-disk storage. With this you can store documents and files on the copier and print them whenever necessary. It is also possible to fax or email stored documents if your machine is linked to a network.

Paperless office: If your company is particularly proud of its green credentials and wants to encourage a paperless office environment, a commercial copier can help you with that. Some copiers come with advanced document filing systems that allow you to scan, extrapolate text and file and sort documents. This allows you to digitize your documentation and filing and saves you time and effort.

Wireless network and remote printing: Many copiers allow you to connect them to a network through an authentication process. With this, people who have access to the network can print, fax and email documents on the copier remotely. This is particularly useful if employees are on the road and need to access a printer/fax machine or copier.

Whether you choose to lease or buy a commercial copier for your company, it will no doubt add value to your work, increase productivity and be cost-effective in the long-run.

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