The Essential Office Equipment List for Start-Ups: 10 Must-Have Items Every New Business Needs
office equipment list

Small businesses and start-ups are truly the backbone of America. They employ nearly 50% of the American workforce.

Starting out on your own is inspiring, courageous — and a little bit scary. Worrying about failure, having steady and reliable income, and other questions might keep you up at night.

Here’s something you won’t have to worry about: your office equipment list!

Making sure you and your team have all of your needs met from day one isn’t an issue anymore. Use our essential guide to all of the must-have equipment you need to start your start-up on the right foot!

1. Computers, Software, and Other Devices

You can’t do your work without the right equipment. Make getting computers and software a priority to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Worried about expenses? If you budget correctly, you can purchase computers that might not be the fanciest but do exactly what you need them to do.

Microsoft Office is used almost universally across most businesses. Accounting software, customer management systems, and anti-virus software are a few other essentials.

Bonus: consider loading up a smartphone with apps to help you while you’re on the go.

2. Internet and WiFi

You can have the best computers on hand but in our hyper-connected world, your business won’t bloom without an internet connection.

To set up your connection, you’ll need a router, a modem, and a service provider. Call your preferred provider ahead of time in case there’s any delay between scheduling service and having it hooked up.

Having an Ethernet connection is suitable, but WiFi is more convenient. Make sure your network can handle the number of employees you have.

Bonus: consider having on-site backup of your files. If you lose power, you won’t lose your work.

3. Telephone System

Besides the internet, you’ll be using your regular office phone to call customers and conduct a lot of business. You need your phone set up on day one — especially if you have advertisements with your number on it.

Setting up your VoIP and internal communication system will ensure you can contact the right people and reach out to others immediately.

Bonus: consider having a fax machine, too. While not as popular as other forms of communication, it’s still handy to have if needed.

4. Desks and Chairs

You’ve got your information infrastructure in place. Now you need a place for your employees to use it.

This purchase seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to put thought into it. This is where you’re going to be spending a majority of your time; it should be comfortable.

Consider the layout of your office and also the general decorative scheme. Whether it’s modern or classic, be sure your office looks put together and professional.

5. Copy Printer

The humble copy machine is a must-have piece of office equipment. They’re incredibly versatile these days and have more uses than you might expect.

You can scan and save documents, create professional presentations, and track costs just to name a few things. It might seem like a large expense up front, but once you factor in all that it does for you, it’s a bargain!

6. Stationery

In the hustle and bustle of creating a business from the ground up, sometimes the essentials get overlooked. Don’t forget the staples (pun intended) of office life: stationery.

Pens, paper, and all of the other small sundries keep your office happily humming along. Make sure that every time someone reaches for a sticky note or a calculator, it’s there!

7. Coffee and Kitchen Supplies

Your excellent employees are the lifeblood of your start-up. We’re willing to bet that a lot of them run on coffee.

Coffee, tea, and water could seem like an extra, but having them makes the office feel nice and welcoming. A mid-afternoon pick me up from a strong cup of coffee or being able to offer your visitors a bottle of water makes a big difference.

Don’t forget to have creamer, sugar, and stir sticks on hand!

8. Business Cards and Brochures

Think that email or online ads are the only way to reach potential customers? Think again!

Things like brochures, business cards, and fliers go a long way towards bringing attention to your business. If you’re ever out in the field and want to give our information about your company, you’d miss your opportunity if you didn’t have a business card on hand.

This is a small expense but it’s necessary to set aside a little budget for it in the beginning.

9. Mailing Equipment

This seems like another extra expense, but it pays off in the long run. Being able to mail out your product, presentations, and more can happen quicker if you have a mail machine.

You’ll need to rent the machine and set up a plan that best meets your financial needs. Do your research before committing; do an estimate of how much mail you might be sending and get a good deal on your lease!

10. The Little Things

Every other item on this list is very practical and truly necessary. Our last category, “little things”, has many meanings.

The little things in your office that give it personality and make it comfortable are just as important as any other must-have equipment on our list.

Uplifting artwork, quirky little figurines, and colorful office supplies all work together to improve morale and increase efficiency. In fact, adding a few live plants can boost productivity by 15%!

Bonus: make your employees a part of your little things decisions. That way they’ll feel more at home when they’re at work.

The Best Office Equipment List and More!

Our thorough list will get you started but each new entrepreneur knows what’s best for their business. Put together your own equipment list to have a successful launch of your start-up.

We can help you with one big purchase on this list: your office copier! With our wide range of machines and various leasing plans, we’re sure to find the right fit for your business.

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