10 Points to Ponder Before Entering Into a Copier Lease

office-copier-buying-guideLeasing large commercial copiers can be a very economical and practical option for many companies. If this appears to be the best option for your company, make sure you do your homework first before you enter into the lease.

Every leasing agent has a unique set of regulations and structures for a copier lease, so you really need to get a firm understanding of these before you sign anything. Here are ten great points to start with when looking into your next office copier lease solution.


  1. Hard Drive Security Questions

In modern machines, a hard drive may be storing images of your data as you make copies of sensitive documents. Ask questions about what happens to hard drives after your lease expires, and if it is possible to remove or recycle the hard drive in order to protect your data. Sometimes in order to do this, you may have to pay a supplemental fee.


  1. Ask About Alternative Copy Paper Sizing

This is especially important if you’re frequently printing on 11X17 pieces of paper. Some companies will charge you one standard copy price for printing on these sheets, but others might charge you two, if you’re on a “Cost per Copy” plan. If you print a lot of pages this size, you need to get a handle on pricing going in.


  1. Investigate Hidden Fees on Copy Machines

As with any leasing arrangement, there can be a few fees that aren’t discussed up front. Make sure you find out if there are any calibration, maintenance or other hidden surcharges before you agree to pay for anything.


  1. Understand the Terms of Getting Service Done

When someone comes out to work on your machine, they’re likely going to be printing dozens, or hundreds, of copies in order to test the equipment. Make sure you know whether you or the leasing company is bearing the cost of those pages before you start test printing at will.


  1. Satisfaction Guarantees

Just like cars or any other complicated machinery, not every copier is created equal. Look into a satisfaction or quality guarantee in case you happen to lease a machine that doesn’t live up to expectations.


  1. Identify Shipping and Supply Costs

If you have a Cost-Per-Copy (CPC) contract, you need to know if you’re also paying for supplies and the cost of shipping of those supplies to your location. If you are, look into getting the lowest fees possible, or you may find that your annual cost of copying is much higher than you initially anticipated.


  1. Identify Tax Concerns

Find out if local taxes are already included in the price of the lease. If you have additional taxes to contend with, you need to know that to get an accurate picture of total cost of ownership.


  1. Free Vs. Charged Office Copier Functions

Typically, a few functions are included free of charge, such as scanning. Double check to make sure you won’t be charged a per-copy fee for utilizing the scanning function.


  1. Terms for Copier Lease Conclusion

When a copier lease ends, there are some costs that you will typically be responsible for. The most common of these is the cost of shipping the copier back to whomever you leased it from. Having this cost outlined clearly at the onset of the lease prevents a nasty surprise down the road. Also, get a clear picture of any auto-renewal clauses that may be hiding in your lease.


    10.  Insurance Options For Your Commercial Copy Bachine

Finally, you should also inquire about the insurance on the machine. Some companies may require that you use their insurance provider, whereas others will allow you to add your copier to your existing insurance policy.

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