When To Replace Your Office Copier – 10 Signs

Has your copier been giving you some trouble lately? It might be time to upgrade. Keep reading for 10 signs your business needs a new copy machine.

10 Signs That You Need New Copier

10 Signs That You Need New Copier

When things are going well, you shouldn’t even notice your copier. Instead, it should be a tool that you just expect to work when you use it.

But as we all know, the reality is often quite different. From time to time there will be trouble with your copy machine, and you may even have to have it repaired.

At what point does that repair become more than it’s worth, though? When do you cross the line that signifies you need a new copier? We’ve got you covered, so read on to find out the 10 signs you need a new copy machine.

  1. Efficiency Struggles

Even hard working employees can be reduced to standing around when the copier is on the fritz. If you’re starting to notice groups standing around the copier, complaining that they can’t get work done until it’s fixed, then it might be time to get a new machine.

If it only happens once in a while, then the lost efficiency might not be more than the cost of a copier. But if it becomes a pattern, you should evaluate how much money it’s costing you, and whether that would be better spent on a new copy machine.

  1. Frequent Copy Machine Breakdowns

Have you established a solid rapport with the copy machine repair man? If so, then maybe it’s time to ditch your old copier. Frequent breakdowns are a sure sign that your copier is coming to the end of its usefulness.

At first, it may seem like bad luck, but you’ll quickly realize if your copier just isn’t up to the task anymore. Ask your copy repairman for details about what’s wrong and the likelihood of it breaking down again. It’s always a good idea to get an expert opinion on what’s really happening.

  1. Helping or Hindering?

Problems with a copier can cause problems throughout your business, potentially affecting your business goals. Take a look at your copier, and pretend it’s an employee. Is that an employee that’s helping your business, or hindering it from succeeding?

If it’s the latter, then you know it’s time to start looking for a new copier. You wouldn’t keep an employee on who constantly underperforms, so why do it with a machine?

  1. Your Office Copier Costs Increase

Your costs related to your copier shouldn’t be increasing, and if they are, that’s a classic sign that it’s time to move to a newer model. Increased costs due to cartridges, labor, or more costly parts should be a warning sign that you need a new copier sooner rather than later.

In fact, one of the best reasons to get a new copier is that it will help stabilize those costs and allow you to budget more accurately. After the upfront cost, you’ll likely be able to eliminate maintenance and labor costs from your long-term budget.

  1. Your Copy and Print Output Increases

Maybe your copier wasn’t doing too bad, and it hardly ever jammed or broke down in the past. But your business is expanding and now you’re doubling the amount of copies you need on a monthly basis.

That means it could be time to get a new copy machine in order to avoid any of the problems we just mentioned. Many models have an average monthly output range that must be considered.

If you go too far over the monthly range, it taxes the machine’s abilities and can cause operating problems. It might be time to make an investment in further growth by getting a reliable copy machine.

  1. You Need More Security From Your Copier

Digital security is becoming more important to businesses each and every year, and older copiers don’t have the same level of security that new models do. Encrypted hard drives, secure scans, and password protection are all features that are offered on newer models.

If you have concerns about the security of your copier, you’d be wise not to put off getting a new one. It’s always too little, too late once something has happened.

  1. No More Copy Machine Manufacturer Support

The digital technology inside copiers today means that they get critical updates from the manufacturers. If your printer isn’t getting updates anymore, you’re headed towards performance issues.

It’s the equivalent of still running Microsoft XP on computers that you rely on every day. It may still get the job done (slowly), but you’re toying with fate by not updating.

  1. Your Electric Bill Is Higher Than You’d Like

Cutting business expenses can be difficult, but recently we’ve seen an explosion of energy saving appliances, light bulbs, and building materials that can all contribute to helping cut your energy costs.

But you know what doesn’t help you cut costs? A dinosaur copy machine that doesn’t have anything close to the latest technology.

Newer copiers can end up saving you money in the long run when it comes to the energy savings, on top of the added efficiency.

  1. You Have A Need For Speed – Faster Copy Times

Not only will a newer copy machine not break down and bring business to a halt, it will also speed up business processes that you’d like to see happen faster. Newer copiers print faster and clearer documents than the clunky old thing you may have in the back room of the office.

  1. You Want Sharper Documents

An older machine might be working okay, but how is the quality of the documents it’s producing? If you want sharper and clearer documents and images, then upgrading might be in your future.

The technology on new machines is constantly improving, and if you haven’t replaced your copier in 5 to 10 years, you might be astounded at what new machines are capable of.

If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to have the right tools for the job. An old copier that continually breaks down, jams, or otherwise impedes your business goals isn’t worth using anymore.

If that sounds like the situation you’re in, then check out our wide selection at Commercial Copy Machines. You’ll be glad you finally made the choice to save money and work more efficiently.

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