Why Investing in a Commercial Copier is Part of a Good Business Plan

Commercial Copier

Searching for the right equipment for your business to increase productivity and save on time should begin with a commercial all-in-one copier.

Researching the right type of copier, whether you choose to lease it or own it, would depend on your average user requirements. Does your business rely on printing large amounts of content everyday? What is the number of staff who will be typically using the machine and how many features would you like included? For instance, if you need graphics, artworks or schematic drawings to emerge in high quality, you might need to buy a copier with superior graphics capabilities.

Most businesses today opt for digital commercial copiers, although analogue copiers are still available in the market.
Digital commercial copiers allow for content to be shared to a wide range of audiences, whether internal or external, more effectively. While they do tend to cost more, digital copiers are popular because they strike two goals at once: increased productivity and better quality.

Many digital copiers come with an interactive interface that allow touch-screen operations and enable you to choose multiple languages, delete, add or reorganize pages and offer real-time preview of documents as they are being printed. They also come with advanced network options that allow employees to access the device from the road and scan, print, fax and email documents remotely. Nowadays, digital copiers also come with a large internal memory that allows them to retain several documents. This helps in scanning and saving a document without the need to reproduce the original copy every time a printout is required.

Color commercial copiers are usually 20 to 30 percent more expensive than monochrome copiers. A color copier produces superior quality copies, but if you need color copies occasionally, investing in a monochrome might be a better option.

Another question that may concern businesses is whether they should buy or lease a copier. Perhaps the main factor to determine this is usage. If your business relies heavily on using a copier and printing, faxing, emailing and digitizing content are integral parts of your work, it is wise to invest in an all-in-one digital copier. Used models also tend to get outdated rather quickly. Maintaining and replacing parts may prove more expensive in the long run on a secondhand model.

Many commercial copiers come with maintenance and service contracts. These contracts typically come with regular checks and ensure that the toner is refilled so as to free up office staff from having to worry about these details.
It is important to ensure that whichever model you choose, you investigate the terms of the post-sale support to ensure you have an efficient machine that increases business productivity and saves time.

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  1. I like what this article mentions about the copier interfaces. I have found that the copier I currently have in my office takes a lot of time to use. Not only is it confusing to operate, but the actually copying takes a lot of time. Upgrading the machine might be a great way of improving the overall speed of the work we do. I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind.

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